September 23, 2023

Just getting over a cold so taking it easy with a 36 km group ride on Zwift today. Would like to get back in the sea tomorrow.

September 17, 2023

Another day, another swim! The tide was high, and the thunder had stopped. Went in for a 1200m swim. The water is warm now, but I suspect it will cool down quickly over the autumn.

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Latitude/Longitude: 49.44785,-2.53029

Low tide now. Great for a rummage around in the beach.

September 16, 2023

The morning started off a little rainy but it soon dried up. Managed to get in for a swim at least. Habit building is the hardest part of fitness for me. There are too many interesting things to choose from.

I entered and completed my first Zwift Insider Mini Series today. I’m in a low category at the moment, but I was pleased with my 17th position out of 44. As Mr Lewis would say, “above average”.

September 15, 2023

Hello world? I bet no one has thought to put that there before. That should give some idea about how entertaining this microblog will be :-)